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Sea Chest Coin Holder

Sea Chest Coin Holder

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The Sea Chest Coin Holder is just that, a smaller version of the Retirment sea chest, but instead of a shadowbox insert this box receives a coin holder insert that can be displayed inside or outside the sea chest as a standalone holder.  Our chests come in many different sizes, but only in two "price range" variants, small and large.  The overall dimensions of each are determined by how you order the item.  

These are perfect for retirements, transfers, khaki balls, CPO Birthdays or any other Navy celebration or event.  They can be customized to a person or have a more general Navy/nautical customization.  Our larger variant can also be customized to be a retirement sea chest by replacing the coin holder insert for a shadowbox (price varies).

Our process:  Find a place in your home where you want to display this item and measure the space.  Length, width, and height.  Then contact me by emailing me at and provide me with the measurements and your idea of what you are looking for in a box.   Our smaller version typically run anywhere from $500 to $600, with our larger version coming in around $1000.  The only limitation to our larger version is the overall size cannot exceed 24 inches wide by 18 inches deep. 

We do ship this item within the United States.  Shipping will be extra and will be included on an invoice upon ordering through me at the email provided above.  These are typically made to order, but we may have several in stock and available for immediate purchase.  Reach out to see if that's the case and order yours today.


We use premium hardwoods for all our products. Our most used woods are walnut, maple, cherry, sapele, and mahogony.

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All items are packaged in house and shipped via USPS or UPS. Please contact us if there are any issues or concerns with your item.

Care Instructions

Our products are created using a variety of natural hard woods and finished with several products. Specific care instructions will be provided with the purchase of items which require special care.

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